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Verwall's Farm

We are very proud of our rural roots. Our farm is in Quadratsch, only half an hour away from Ischgl. Although the farm is not directly at our hotel, we take great care of it. You can taste it in our products – meat, noble brandies and fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden!

Once upon a time...

In 1986 Helmut Pfeifer took over the farm from his parents. At that time the property included ca. 2.5 ha meadows and forest and some cattle. In earlier times, the farmwork was a bit harder, because there weren't as many and as good machines as today - many things were done by hand.

Our Farm Today

The farm has been continuously developed since the handing over. Today, the host family takes care of ca. 5 ha meadows and forest and additionally ca. 7 cattle unities. In the last few years, the idea has come up to connect the farm and the hotel more. That's why the family has made the decision to use as much of their own and regional products as possible for the Verwall cuisine.
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