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wild garlic pesto

Wild garlic is not only healthy,
but also a perfect basis for a lot of great recipes
- so bring spring in your kitchen!

Enjoy your meal!



that serve 4

› 270g fresh wild garlic
› 40g pine nuts
› 30g fresh grated parmesan cheese
› 270ml olive oil
› milled pepper
› salt


Wash the wild garlic, dry it in a salad spinner and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Grate the parmesan cheese and chop the pine nuts finely.

Put the wild garlic, pine nuts and parmesan in a kitchen machine and shred it all together. Alternatively use a mortar to grind the ingredients. Then gradually add the olive oil, until a homogeneous mass arises.

Finalize the wild garlic pesto with some salt and pepper, add some special ingredients (f.e. goat cheese, walnuts etc.) if you want and serve the dish in some nice small bowls. To store it – use some clean and hermetically sealed glasses.

Our insider tip: wild garlic pesto is not only delicious for noodles - it is also a perfect ingredient for spreads, soups and gratins.