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Home-made carnival donuts

Why always buying them,
when making them at home is so easy?

Enjoy your meal!

that serve 10

› 50g butter from the farmer
› 100ml milk from the farmer
› 40g yeast
› 400g flour
› 50g icing sugar
› 200ml white wine
› 4EL from daddy’s pear brandy
› 1TL cinnamon
› lemon zest
› grated nutmeg
› salt
› ca. 1l oil (to fry the dontus)


Dissolve the yeast in warm milk and mix them together well, until the yeast has completely dissolved (the longer you mix, the finer the mass will be). Cover the mass with a cloth and store it for 20-25 minutes in a warm area, until the mass rises.

In the meantime, heat the white wine in a pot and melt the butter in it. Then take the pot from the stove and add the flour slowly to it. Use therefor a wooden spoon. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, lemon zest, pear brandy and the yeast-milk mass. Finally take out the ingredients and form them with your hands into a dough.

When the dough is finished, cover it again with a cloth and store it for 1 hour. Afterwards cut out donuts and fry them in hot oil with 170°C. Start with the surface and after 4 minutes turn them around and fry the other side until it is gold brown. 

Drain the donuts on kitchen paper and let them cool down – fill in marmalade using an icing bag, sprinkle donuts with icing sugar and serve them!