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Grandma's Apple Strudel

Fresh apples, a pinch of cinnamon and
grandma's original recipe.

Enjoy your meal!


› 300 g flour
› 100 g butter
› 1 egg
› 1 pinch of salt
› ca. ½ l warm water

› 1.3 kg apples
› 200 g butter crumbs
› 60 g cinnamon crystal sugar
› 100 g butter
› 50 g raisins
› 1 egg yolk
› 2 cl rum (80% or less)


Rub butter in flour, add salt and form a well. Put egg + water in the well and gently fold into the remaining mass. Knead into a smooth and soft dough + let it rest in a warm place under a glass bowl for ca. 1 h.

Roll out the dough. Attention: the dough has to be so thin that it seems to tear at any moment. By the way: kneading it together is now no option any more... put half the crumbs on the strudel and don't forget to keep an edge on the lower side for wrapping. Spread the apples evenly, sprinkle the cinnamon sugar mix + spread the remaining crumbs evenly. Roll out the strudel carefully with a cloth, put it on the baking sheet, spread it with egg yolk, poke holes over the strudel with a fork and bake for ca. 20 mins. at 250°C. Let the strudel stand for 20 mins. at 200°C until he turns golden yellow.

Serve the strudel with whipped cream and powdered sugar, maybe also with fresh vanilla sauce.