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(traditional "Spätzle" noodles with fried onions and grated cheese)

Papa's "Kasspatzla"

Tasty alp cheese and fine fried onions -
Pa's original recipe.

Enjoy your meal!

that serve 4

› 250 g coarse flour
› 3 eggs
› 5 g salt
› ca. 50 ml lukewarm water

› butter oil
› 1 diced onion
› 100 g grated alp cheese
› fried onions
› parsley
› salt and pepper


Make a dough with flour, eggs, salt and water. Attention: don't use too much water, the dough should be viscous. Afterwards, strain the dough through a special sieve into boiling saltwater until it comes to a boil, drain well and refresh in ice-cold water.

Then heat a pan, add the diced onions and fry them in butter oil (or butter) until the start to lightly brown. Add the "Spatzla" and brown until they are hot. Then fold the tasty alp cheese into it and let it melt.

Salt and pepper to taste and serve with fried onions and parsley. (Fried onions are easily made: peel onions and cut into thin slices, dust with paprika and flour and fry in chip fat until they are golden brown)

Papa's insider tip: put the "Spatzla" in a casserole, sprinkle some cheese on it and scallop it in the oven for about 5-10 minutes.