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Regional Products

The best things often lie nearby

Conscious Tyrol

... our honest commitment to regionality ♥ As a "Bewusst Tirol" business, we are checked annually for our regionality and awarded a prize. For this, at least 0.3kg per meal must be produced with food from Tyrol.

Slow Food

Slow Food stands for pleasurable, conscious and regional eating and marks a countermovement to Fast Food. We are eager to support the regional cuisine - mainly with authentic and regional products that are partly self-produced or come from regional providers.


Apart from our own products, our chef Helmut Pfeifer makes sure that other products are of top quality and come from the region...

Alp Butter & Meat from the Lechlihof

Fresh alp butter and organic meat comes partly from the Lechlihof in Ischgl. Family Maurer has been running the farm for many years now. The cows enjoy apart from the fresh mountain air also the fresh alpine herbs in summer on the lush green alpine meadows up on the mountains...

Paznaun Goggala

... Outdoor runs, space to scratch on natural soil and pecking at green grass - species-appropriate husbandry and the welfare of the animals are given top priority in Christoph and Teresa's mobile chicken coop. The best basis for your breakfast eggs ♥

Bread from Haubis

From Austria - for Austria. For all baking ingredients, from flour to salt, Haubis pays meticulous attention to the origin of the ingredients. Almost 100 per cent of suppliers, producers and raw materials come from Austria. Back to the roots - the new bread rolls at the breakfast buffet score with the organic philosophy through their authenticity, without the use of genetic engineering. You can taste the difference...

Tasty Paznaun Mountain Cheese

According to the time of year we offer typical Paznaun specialities like the Galtür Almkäse of the Hofkäserei Huber. The milk comes from the cows at Galtür's alpine pasture. They graze there in a special alpine flora which you can taste with every bite.


... Johannes Gutmann - organic pioneer for 30 years, with the goal - to inspire people to live in the cycle of nature. Let yourself be inspired by the taste of innovative hand-picked organic herbal and fruit teas.

Tyrolean fruit cuisine

... fresh fruit for fresh jam. Tradition, regionality and a lot of love - this is how the sweet creations of the East Tyrolean Marmeladen-Manufaktur are made. A 3rd generation family business that places great value on quality and regionality and therefore processes as much fruit as possible from Austria and our neighbouring countries.

Pure Green natural cosmetics

... in our new bathrooms we are currently testing a 100% certified organic natural cosmetics line from Tyrol. Pure Passion for Nature - exclusively plant and mineral based natural cosmetics. For a beautiful attitude to life. Simple. Beautiful. Natural.