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Body, Mind and Soul

Let go and enjoy

Massages at Verwall

Let us pamper you. We more than just wish you a wonderful time - we want to contribute to it. For example with a wonderfully relaxing massage? 

Moments of pleasure for body, mind and soul... 

Our massage therapists

Our massage therapists from Hands on Skin have a deep knowledge  and treat you holistically and effectively. We are happy to help you choose the right treatment - no matter if you prefer a traditional massage or an alpine one. Look forward to pleasant relaxation with lasting effect.

For reservation, wishes or any questions, please call: +43 (0)5444 5274

Full-body Massage

The whole body is relaxed treating it with special grip sequences. Force and intensity of the grips match your needs and pains.

Treat yourself to a time out, feel the warming blood flow and how your muscles and fibres loosen. Leave the stress and hectic of daily life behind.

Partial Massage

Mostly it's the back that needs it most. But also legs, head-neck area or the feet. Good for relieving stress, activating metabolism and loosening cramped muscles.

Foot Reflexology

Our feet not only carry us through life, they are also a mirror of our health. Foot reflexology activates self-healing powers, improves diseases and has a relaxing effect! Good for fighting stress, nervousness, digestive diseases, rheumatism and emotional troubles.

Lymphdrainage Massage

The most important task of lymphatic vessels is the evacuation of interstitial fluid. With an especially gentle and harmonising massage swellings are eased, heavy legs get lighter and it supports the purification process. Good for fighting swells, high blood pressure, pains and supports losing weight.