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Our Centrepiece

Enjoy relaxing moments

Vitality Oasis "Bergsee"

Flow in delight under a starry sky - the   of our **** Verwall in Ischgl, the wellness area with everything you wish for, invites to relaxing hours after an eventful day in the mountains of Ischgl...


Air outlet nozzles provide for a full-body massage and relaxation. Head and neck pain and also joint diseases are eased. If you feel tired and run down, a well-tempered whirl bath offers a good feeling. The built-in disinfection system guarantees a hygienic bathing pleasure. Switch on the air jet system by using a push button.


Tepidarium: here, an artificial fever temperature is created that offers the ideal conditions for relief and build-up of your immune system. Increase your body's defences and fight existing germs.

Laconium: The purification of your body and organism has a very low impact on your circulation.

Eucalyptus Steam Bath

The steam bath is a place that offers deep relaxation and makes you forget about stress, duties and sorrows of your daily life. At ca. 42-45°C the moisturization has a caring effect on hair and skin and a cleaning effect on the respiratory organs. The steam bath stimulates a good circulation, because heat expands the blood vessels. Good blood flow is of essential importance for the general physical health.

Paznauner Sauna

Toughen up - sweat - vitalize in a unique atmosphere at ca. 90-100°C. The physical effects of a sauna session are varied. The skin surface warms up and gets 3 to 10 degrees warmer, the temperature inside your body rises to 1 or 2 degrees. The blood vessels expand and teh muscles relax. Sauna sessions strengthen the immune system, train the heart and circulation and are good for your skin.


Light and tan – a solarium keeps what the sun promises. The heat of an artificial sun is also good for your soul and can banish bad mood. People suffering from so-called winter depressions can achieve good success with solarium sessions in combination with a light therapy. Solarium also eases skin problems like acne or neurodermatitis. We recommend a ca. 20 mins. session.

Fresh Air Room

The cold mountain air offers a therapy to increase resistance and vitalization. The Cooling down is as important as the sauna session. The change between hot and cold brings the special sauna effect. In the fresh air, the respiratory passages can cool down and the lungs fill with oxygen. If you start freezing, the time has come to go inside again.

Vitality Showers

The vitality showers offer different water experiences, like drizzle rain for a gentle cool down, a warm mountain rain or a full-body water massage that massages you from 6 sides.

Foot Kneipping

Cold and hot high mountain water have a tingling effect when you put in your feet. Kneipp therapies have a circulation-stimulating, circulatoon-enhancing, metabolism-stimulating and invigorating effect. Recommendable as stimulant, for varicose veins, hot legs and migraine. To strengthen your immune system in general, make short alternating baths. Enjoy to the fullest.

Drinking Fountain

Enjoy cold, clear and fresh mountain water - for drinking and refreshing. Tyrolean spring water is of especially good quality and known for its fine taste, the increase of wellbeing and the positive effect on hair and skin. Verwall offers the spring water in the entire hotel.

Tea Bar

"Tea - its beneficial effects have been known since  5,000 years". Tea invigorates and vitalizes, enhances concentration and stimulates without agitating. Enjoy the finest tea sorts from all over the world. A pleasure that you won't forget.