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Take time and enjoy nature

Winter Walking

Enjoy peaceful moments in the Tyrolean skiing region on a walking-tour on well-prepared winter walking trails. Ideal to treat yourself to a time out from everyday life, to let the mind wander and to relax. Enjoy the leisurely walking and the contemplative nature, wonderfully covered in snow.


Those who want to leave the prepared trails, can change their winter boots to snowshoes. The snowshoes prevent you from sinking into the snow. At the beginning it may be a bit tiring to trudge through the untouched snow with snowshoes and telescope poles. 

However, there is barely another type of winter sport as suited to enjoy the winterlandscape!

Tour Suggestions & Tips

› Paznauner Taja
› Smuggler tour
› Friedrichshafner Hütte
› Waldkapelle and Wildpark
› Winter walking trail Mutta
› guided tours on offer
› equipment for rent


Similar to back-country skiing you have to follow certain guidelines: the right choice of route, the right time of day, knowledge about weather, avalanche situation and behaviour in the open area.